• Who is hosting this conference?
    The official host is "EnProMaC" or Engineering & Property Management Consultants, Inc. Fredric L. Plotnick, Ph.D., Esq., P.E., CEO of EnProMaC, is a leading authority on the theory of CPM, and a noted author on how it may be used to plan and execute a project, as well as the legal ramifications thereof. Further biographical information may be found at www.fplotnick.com.

  • Why are we creating a new conference?
    Many of YOU have commented that the construction industry has been under-represented in scheduling conferences of recent years.

  • Why are we calling it the CONSTRUCTION CPM conference?
    This conference will focus upon the special scheduling needs of the construction industry. Construction scheduling professionals are primarily concerned with minimizing the time to complete one project. Resource allocation is typically a secondary concern. This form of scheduling requires the use of the CPM algorithm.

  • How is this different from other scheduling software conferences?
    Many other scheduling professionals are primarily concerned with allocation of resources amongst many projects within a portfolio in order to minimize the time these resources sit idle. This form of scheduling is often called production scheduling, job-shop scheduling, linear scheduling, or other nomenclatures, and may utilize "CPM software" for resource allocation or superior graphics, but does not require use of the CPM algorithm. While construction scheduling professionals often also require these skills, we need more sessions on scheduling based upon CPM and not merely upon use of "CPM" software.

  • Who should I expect to see at the Construction CPM Conference?
    Construction Professionals who desire to improve skills in CPM Planning and Scheduling are encouraged to attend the CPM Construction Conference. Vendors of specialized software tools to assist Construction Professionals will be there to give first-hand, hands-on training to new schedulers. Experts in the field of CPM Scheduling and in related fields of Risk, Cost and the forensic (litigation) use of these techniques and tools and are also amongst the featured speakers and other guests.

  • I am not in the construction field. Am I allowed to attend? Will I find value attending this conference?
    Construction scheduling is the most demanding scheduling field in existence. If your job currently does or may include the desire to "bring to bear as many resources as required" to complete a project in a timely manner, this is THE conference that you should attend. A hard hat is not required. Where early completion will bring a bonus or being "first to market" is essential, here you will learn the theory, the tools and the skills to make that happen.

  • I am a Project Manager. Will this conference have anything for me?
    Project Managers should only attend the CPM Construction Conference if completion on time, despite any excuse, is part of your job description.

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  • Is there a discount for speakers?
    The primary speaker is granted discount pricing of $775 if registering promptly after an abstract is accepted. Please note that you are a Primary Speaker in the Special Instructions box on the Registration form and scroll to the very bottom of Registration Step5.

  • Is there a discount for exhibitors?
    Exhibitors are granted ONE included free registration and discount pricing of $775 each for up to two additional attendees. Exhibitors are invited to partake of all meals, breaks, and entertainment. Your ability to mix with attendees at the social functions will enhance your marketing. The registration fee charged Exhibitors also helps pay for all of the services necessary to run our event. Exhibitors are also invited to all virtual networking opportunities. Please note that you are an Exhibitor in the Special Instructions box on the Registration form.

  • Is there a refund policy?
    Refunds will be made without question, except for Speakers, less a $200 (including deposit if applicable) fee. Substitution of an alternate will be permitted without a fee. Special circumstances, including those for Speakers, will still be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • What is "Virtual Networking"?
    Registered attendees, speakers and exhibitors are invited to participate in pre- and post-conference virtual networking with other attendees. Program details are still being formulated, but our program currently includes the ability to share your contact information, website and a PDF file with other attendees. The PDF file may be an advertisement for your firm, or a personal C.V. Once you are registered you will be given a password to see who else is attending, and what information they care to share with you. Additional features, including Facebook and Twitter applications, are being developed.